The Dos and Don'ts

Approved by Director's Order

State budgetary institution of culture «Sakhalin Zoobotanical Park»

dtd «14» January 2015 № 6 -P

The dos and don't

for visitors inside the territory of

State budgetary institution of culture

«Sakhalin Zoobotanical Park»

Dear visitors!

The Sakhalin Zoobotanical Park is the museum of wildlife, one of main objectives of which is preservation of collection of the wild animals and plants representing great state asset in vitro.

The Sakhalin Zoobotanical Park is extra high hazard establishment. Your wellbeing and wellbeing of its inhabitants depends on observance of the following rules by you:

1. Don't leave children unattended during visit of the Zoo. To hold small kids by the hand, in a baby carriage or to hold in arms.

2. In any emergency cases visitors need to address Zoo Administration.

3. To commit no nuisance, to use trash bins.

It is FORBIDDEN inside the territory of the Zoobotanical Park:

1. To feed animals. (By way of exception - open-air cages with animals where you can feed animals with the special feed bought at the Zoo Cash desk).

2. To tease, to frighten and to touch animals.

3. To throw various objects to animals into open-air cages (food residues, toys, stones, etc.).

4. To smoke, to bring and to drink alcoholic beverages, to come under the influence of alcohol.

5. To ride bicycles, scooters, roller skates, skateboards.

6. To climb, to come or get over the barriers and other fences of animal housing accommodation and other constructions, to put and set children on it.

7. To enter maintenance areas and construction areas.

8. To break twigs of trees and bushes, to cull flowers.

9. To brace against grids, glasses and fences of open-air cages and terrariums with animals, and also to knock on them by various objects and hands with the purpose to force animals to move.

10. To open locks, closing devices, covers of aquariums, terrariums and open-air cages.

11. To make noise, to shout, to turn on the music loudly on the mediums (phones, tablets, etc.) brought with you.

12. To play musical instruments, to sing songs, to run.

13. To carry out any professional photographing and video recording without approval of Zoo Administration.

14. To use a flashlight during animals photographing.

15. To bring own pets.

16. To visit the Zoo of preschool and junior school children up to 10 years inclusive without adults.

17. Keep off the grass and to have a rest on it.

18. To put hands and legs through fences, grids and barriers.

19. To commit Zoo waste including posters and stands.